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During Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s Eulogy Joe Biden Was Caught Doing What He Does Best (Video)

Funeral services for Sandra Day O’Connor, who broke barriers as the first woman to ever serve as a Supreme Court justice, were held Tuesday at the National Cathedral in Washington.

President Joe Biden and Chief Justice John Roberts delivered eulogies at the invitation-only service, as did O’Connor’s son, Jay.

Biden began his remarks by remembering his time as ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee when it held the confirmation hearing for O’Connor, calling it a “momentous” day for the court and the country.

“Gracious, wise, civil and principled, Sandra Day O’Connor, the daughter of the American West, was a pioneer in her own right, breaking down the barriers in the political world and the nation’s conscience,” Biden said. “To her, the Supreme Court was the bedrock, the bedrock of America.”
Biden commended O’Connor for her lifelong dedication to “equal justice under the law” and her recognition of how the law impacts everyday Americans.

These words and many more spins were heard from the mainstream media however no one re;ported what Joe Biden was doing during the eulogy!

He was doing what he does best and that’s embarrassing our country even more by sleeping through every major event he attends!

Video below:

It’s not the first time this happened. Old Joe slept during the COP26 speeches and many other events where he was suppose to bring confidence to others!