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Epstein Attorney Reveals Who He Says Is To Blame For Client’s Death

Jeffrey Epstein was found unresponsive in his cell at Metropolitan Correctional Center around 6:30 a.m., the Bureau of Prisons said. He transported in cardiac arrest to New York Downtown Hospital at 6:39 a.m., according to sources.

He had been placed on suicide watch after he was found last month in his cell “in medical distress” with “apparent bruising on his neck.” But he was removed from suicide watch days before his death.

His death comes just a day after he exposed many political figures in our country.

Former Democrat New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and former Democrat Maine Sen. George Mitchell have been credibly accused of having sex with underage girls in the files, Fox News reported.

Jeffrey Epstein’s attorney decided to share his opinion on who is to blame for Jeffrey’s dead.

Marc Fernich, one of the multimillionaire’s attorneys, said in a personal statement to Fox News that he is “outraged” at Epstein’s death and that there is “plenty of blame to go around for this unthinkable tragedy.”

Fernich said that “overzealous prosecutors,” “pandering politicians,” “compliant judges” and a “hysterical press corps” were all to blame for Epstein’s death while he awaited trial for sex trafficking charges.

“Breathless reporters excavating every corner of Mr. Epstein’s life to pile on, tear him down and kick him at his lowest — while still presumed innocent, before he’d had his day in court,” he said. “All these actors appear to bear some responsibility for this calamity. All seem to have a share of Mr. Epstein’s blood on their hands. All should be ashamed of their behavior.”

What do you think, who is responsible for Epstein’s dead?

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