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First Lady Melania and Barron Trump Enjoying Life at the White House

There’s nothing Michelle Obama has loved more about being the first lady than spending millions of tax dollars on her own lavish vacations.

Michelle would spend these trips lounging around in luxury and embarking on lavish shopping trips.

We have been blessed to have many beautiful, smart, and talented First Ladies. Admire each for their contributions. Demeaning talk from either side does not make us a better country or a better person.

We need this country to heal and our first lady will help us heal for sure. Melania is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, one of the most beautiful First Lady in the history of America.

When Michelle Obama was First Lady, she often whined about how “hard” life was in the White House. Just weeks after Melania Trump moved into the White House, however, she is putting Michelle to shame by letting the country know how grateful she is to be living in a taxpayer-funded mansion, Mr. Conservative reported.

Melania said that she could not be happier than she is at the White House two weeks after moving in with her 11-year-old son Barron.

“We are enjoying it very much,” Melania said. When asked how Barron is liking the White House, the First Lady said, “He loves it, yes all settled. He loves it here.”

She went on to say that she has not had time to miss New York City, even though she spent two decades there.

“I’m so busy and we’re doing so many great stuff. So it’s really special place and I love it here,” Melania said.

We’re glad to see that we finally have a First Lady who is grateful for all the opportunities she has been given.

Melania is doing a wonderful job as a First Lady, a mother, and as a woman.

God bless her and her family.

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