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Footage Taken After The Devastating Fires In Maui Shows That Everything Is Burnt But The Trees And There’s Only One Explanation For This (Video)

Deadly wildfires burning in Hawaii have killed dozens and forced thousands to evacuate, fueled by a mix of land and atmospheric conditions that can create “fire weather.” A massive blaze destroyed much of the historic town of Lahaina, on Maui.

The U.S. Coast Guard said crews rescued 17 people who jumped into the Lahaina harbor in an effort to escape the flames. On Front Street, a popular tourist destination, business owner Alan Dickar described seeing buildings on both sides of the street “engulfed” in flames. “There were no fire trucks at that point; I think the fire department was overwhelmed,” Dickar told CBS Honolulu affiliate KGMB-TV.

Speaking later to CBS News’ Patrick Torphy, he added: “Maui can’t handle this. … A lot of people just lost their jobs because a lot of businesses burned. A lot of people lost their homes. … This is going to be devastating for Maui.”

Today we are getting a first-hand look at the damage on Maui from those who have lived there for many years.

Emerson Timmins has lived on Maui for 18 years. Wednesday, the roads were closed and Timmins was not with his family, so he got on a bicycle and rode through the burn area to get to them. He soon realized what he was witnessing was unlike anything he had ever seen. This is his story in his own words:

“If you know island life we’re all kind of one big family so it hurts, it hurts to see everyone suffering like this.

I was doing a tennis lesson in the morning at the Hyatt. I couldn’t leave because the roads were closed.

I absconded my friend’s bike and I had to get back to my family because there are fires breaking out elsewhere.

This is downtown front street.

I sort of had a mission impossible, you’re not really supposed to go through the town, the roadblocks, and I’m like, I just got to get to my family so I went along the ocean and went through Lahaina town and then I realized the importance of documenting everything at that point.

Here’s all the restaurants, everything used to be here, it is no more, the harbor, walkway, and what used to be.

The cars that had gotten backed up on the road there. The reason that they were there is that they were trying to get out. They were trying to escape that fire but all the cars got trapped and all the people were stuck in those cars and they had to run for their lives and not everyone could make it.

There’s just so much sadness and so much loss and it’s profound for me because I’ve lived here for so long.

I’m only hoping that the Banyan tree made it.

I’m going to stop right here, this is where the Banyan tree is.

But the Banyan tree is not the only tree that survived, another footage seems to show other trees that also lost their leaves but are still standing and alive:

Now this could be considered strange given the fact that the Maui fires were so bad a boat in the water caught on fire:

Now, many internet sleuths alleged many things but our only logical and rational response is that trees in an area like Hawaii are full of water – they usually will not burn up. But this fire burned everything in its way so many are having different opinions.

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