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France’s Firefighter Officials Responded To Trump With A Snappy Statement To His Notre Dame Fire Tweet

“So horrible to watch the massive fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Perhaps flying water tankers could be used to put it out. Must act quickly!” wrote Trump on Twitter

The Tweet has since been shared by over 25,000 people, most of them shared positive reaction but there was one reaction, in particular, that was not good!

It didn’t take long for the Sécurité Civile, the part of the French Ministry of the Interior that oversees firefighting, to bluntly respond to President Trump!

Their official Twitter account tweeted that air dropping water on a building like Notre Dame could lead to “the collapse of the entire structure,” probably as an ironic response to Trump’s tweet!

They ended the message by voicing their support for the brave sappers currently working their hardest to save the cathedral and followed it up with another tweet pointing out there are hundreds of firefighters working to stop the flames and reiterating what a bad idea dropping water from planes would be.

Even if they tried to insult our President our First Lady once again showed her greatness with a wonderful Tweet!

First Lady Melania Trump said her “heart breaks” for Parisians after seeing images of the destruction.

“Praying for everyone’s safety,” she concluded in the tweet.

It’s no secret that the globalist Macron doesn’t like President Trump and the ironic response from the Sécurité Civile could be just one way to damage President Trump reputation!