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Here’s How Many Illegal-Alien Sex Predators ICE Just Captured – They Were All Hiding In American Communities

The Biden administration controversially moved to significantly narrow ICE’s enforcement priorities. Guidance issued in 2021 limited ICE to focus on aggravated felons, national security threats, and recent border crossers. That guidance coincided with a sharp drop in deportations and arrests of illegal immigrants.

But listening to AOC to defund ICE was not a good idea!

Earlier this year, in response to a lawsuit from Republican states, that guidance was blocked. However, while that guidance was in effect, ICE has conducted similar operations to bring in and remove sex offenders and there were 3,415 sexual assault offenses associated with arrests it made in FY 2021.

Last month, the agency announced it had arrested over 170 illegal immigrants who had multiple DUI convictions in a similar operation.

But it seems that sex offenders are what we get when illegals enter our country through the southern border!

From Townhall:

Taking place from October 22 to November 4, the ICE operation rounded up 138 “unlawfully present noncitizens convicted of sex offenses” — that is, illegal immigrants who’d already committed sex crimes against Americans — many of whom already had orders for removal from the United States.

A partial list of the illegal immigrants rounded up by ICE shows that their ages ranged from 29 to 65 and countries of origin included Mexico, Guatemala, Haiti, Cameroon, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The individuals were captured across the country, from California to New York and Texas to Illinois.

Additionally, agents arrested a Bolivian in New York with a conviction of first-degree rape, a Mexican in Texas with a conviction for aggravated sexual assault of a child, and a Nicaraguan in California with convictions for assault with intent to rape, second-degree robbery, and rape with force/violence/fear of bodily injury.

We had to conduct a nationwide operation to round up illegal aliens who have committed sex crimes IN THE UNITED STATES. With millions of illegal border crossings each year now, who knows how many more of these predators are hanging out in our cities and towns?