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Here’s The Reason Why a Kentucky Judge Gave No Jail Time To A Transgender Daycare Worker Who Sexually Abused a Baby

Mark “Maria” Childers won’t get any prison time thanks to a plea deal he took after facing charges of sexual abuse against a baby, according to REDUXX.

The lenient sentence has sparked outrage in the community, raising questions about justice and ideological motivations in the legal system.

As previously reported by Reduxx, Childers was arrested in February of 2023 after the Department of Community Based Services (DCBS) received an anonymous tip detailing an alleged incident of abuse that had occurred in November of 2022 at Explore Learning Academy. The tip, reportedly written by one of Childers’ co-workers, accused him of making inappropriate comments towards an infant while changing the child’s diaper, and touching the baby inappropriately.Reduxx has now obtained court records detailing the full complaint against Childers, which showed that he was accused of both physical and sexual abuse while employed at the daycare.Following the receipt of the initial anonymous complaint, a DCBS case worker and a police officer from the Paducah Police Department went to the daycare on February 8, 2023, to interview witnesses. After speaking to a number of staff, they were able to corroborate the anonymous report.

Childers faced “one count of first-degree sexual abuse of a victim under 12 and three counts of first-degree criminal abuse of a child under 12.”

Childers’ charges were dropped from first-degree sexual abuse to a misdemeanor sexual misconduct charge, according to WPSD. The former Explore Learning Academy daycare employee is now prohibited from visiting the daycare and must have no contact with children, the outlet reported.

Childers was arrested in February 2023, after one of his co-workers witnessed him rubbing one of the infant’s genitals in a “circular motion” while saying it “was her clit and she liked it,” according to Reduxx. Childers initially denied that he changed the infant’s diaper at all, but after reportedly being supplied with evidence of his lie, Childers was booked at the McCracken County Jail.

One month after being booked in Jail, Childers retained trans-activist lawyer Democrat politician in Kentucky named Madison Leach to represent him. Leach, a transgender woman, argued that Childers’s bond be reduced because he had no access to estrogen while in solitary confinement. The court approved Leach’s movement and Chilers’s bond was lowered from $100,000 to $5,000 surety, according to Reduxx.

Childers was released in January 2024 and struck a deal with prosecutors on Jan. 24. In exchange for a guilty plea, Childers’s sentence was dropped to Class A Misdemeanor Sexual Misconduct and all other abuse charges were dropped. Judge Joseph Roark charged Childers with a 12-month penalty, withholding punishment with a 6-month discharge. If Childers abides by the conditions over a six-month period, he will serve no prison time, according to Reduxx.

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