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Here’s Why Trump Banned Jeffrey Epstein From Mar-a-Lago Years Ago



Editor’s Note: This particular story was popular at the time it originally made the news and is circulating again a second time for the important and applicable message that’s relevant today.

Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is behind bars today, facing federal charges for sex trafficking. This arrest, comes after Miami Herald reporter Julie K. Brown revealed that the current Labor Secretary Alex Acosta reportedly gave Epstein a sweetheart deal when he was U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida more than a decade ago.
Attorney David Boies, who represents two of Epstein’s accusers, says that “it’s been a long time coming — it’s been too long coming. It is an important step towards getting justice for the many victims of Mr. Epstein’s sex trafficking enterprise.”

He adds that he and his clients — Virginia Roberts Giuffre and Sarah Ransome — hope that “prosecutors will not stop with Mr. Epstein because there were many other people who participated with him and made the sex trafficking possible.”

Epstein has been connected to Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Britain’s Prince Andrew, and famed attorney Alan Dershowitz.

Of course both sides wanted to use this case to blame the other side.
The Democrats were quick to pounce on one kind quote President Donald Trump gave about Epstein before his nefarious activities were known.

“I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” he said when he was just a real estate developer in New York City and not the president.

What is probably forgotten is the fact that President Trump decided to part ways with Epstein well before he was arrested!

From the Federalist Paper:

“Epstein was barred from President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Fla., ‘because Epstein sexually assaulted an underage girl at the club,, according to court documents,’” The Washington Post reported.

“I learned through a source that Trump banned Epstein from his Maralago [Mar-A- Lago] Club in West Palm Beach because Epstein sexually assaulted an underage girl at the club,” Fort Lauderdale lawyer Bradley Edwards’ said.

Democrats stealthily avoided any mention of former President Bill Clinton.

If those who have been on this story for years are to be believed — and I put quite some stock in their words because they have dug extremely deep — the fallout from this arrest could be huge. For example, Epstein is (or was) on friendly terms with Bill Clinton and British Prince Andrew.

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  1. “I’ve known Jeffrey Epstein for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.” – Donald Trump

      • I love when you simply quote Trump and it sends the far right snowflakes into a triggered meltdown

        • “Far right snowflakes” lol you can’t even come up with your own insults, you have to steal the oppositions intellectual property.

          Your shyt is weak son

        • Lefties are snowflakes. They invented ‘triggered’ and exemplify ‘meltdown.’ Conservatives, at most, will consider the information sources of the average lefty comment. It’ll have a little element of truth, and a truckload of lies. But, mostly, they accuse others of exactly what they are guilty of doing. Reference: Dem calls of Russian Collusion for three years to affect the election. Obama says “no scandals,” now Biden is even saying there wasn’t any Russian Collusion under his watch. Mueller says ‘no evidence.’ Yet, there is evidence of both Russian Collusion to affect the election and obstruction of justice, by the DNC, HRC and BHO’s administration. Yakk and talk all you want. Show unaltered evidence if you want conservatives to believe anything you say. You certainly don’t impress anyone here with name calling, PC ID labels, or projecting emotional breakdowns. Those are the marks of a true blue liberal lefty democrat.

    • Total fail, since he never said that and he kicked this sleeze out of his resort the minute Epstein showed his true self. The only HughGKnutts you have are in your mouth.

    • yeah , said before he assaulted a mar lago guest and was kicked out and banned,….well before he was arrested too.
      President Trump figured him out years before anyone else!

      • What year was he kicked out and banned? Please do tell, since this site won’t post what year that happened. Not a single site will say what year that happened, and all of them that support Trump are citing a story from the Washington Post, who they usually will decry as “Fake News” and the “Liberal Media” whenever it’s a story that is critical of Trump. So do tell, what year was it that Trump banned him?

        • Thank you for sticking with this particular commenting forum. Today people are being attacked by Antifa, and Twitter is banning people who state their opinion that Antifa is a Domestic Terror group.
          Of course any negative comments about illegal migration will also get one banned.
          My idea to end this dangerous trend is to support it.
          What I mean is everybody intentionally get themselves banned by continuing to share these so-called ‘offensive’ posts.
          If Twitter for example has to ban a million people, banning for said reason becomes more self destructive. Social media can actually be organized to have massive data introduced by using the same methods which made “flash mobs” popular a few years ago.
          What do you think of that idea in your role as a publisher??

          • I think there is a bigger picture here. I think everyone should stay on facebook and twitter and try to stay in their rules and spread alternative social media sites. Don’t click their ads.

            I am just about everywhere outside of facebook and twitter.

            Gab.com, Tumblr.com, Spreely.com, MeWe.com are all great platforms for conservatives. I would spread the word for people to sign up on those platforms (Of course tell them to follow me. :D)

            Minds.com is OK, but I see little traffic from it for the efforts of posting there.

            Parler.com is up and coming and you may want to mark your territory there.

  2. Just about anyone who knows anything about President Trump knows damned well that he cut off all association with that Pedo Epstein as soon as he found out the guy was a perv.
    Well before he ran for President.

    • And Krooked Korrupt Killary (KKK) the rape enabling wife for Bubba Clinton encouraged her husband to go on the “business” trips with Epstein and to take his snake with him.

  3. (1) Every encounter was video taped by the mossad for blackmail purposes. Just as they have taped PEDOpriest John Hagee .
    (2) Comey’s DAUGHTER is the prosecutor ….. those who exposed Epstein will go to jail for “stalking” him.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if Biden and that dipshit Obama are implicated in this perverse pedo scandal

    • hahhaahahahhaha
      you had a sliver of doubt that creepy pedo uncle joe isn’t involved in a child trafficing smosgaboard!!!
      of course he is involved!!!!!
      100% guarantee!

  5. Maybe this was why some of the Steele dossier stuff came up. Prince Andrew’s and Bill Clinton’s connections to Epstein, as well as Donald Trump barring Epstein from coming to the Mar A Lego club.

    Prince Andrew being with the British royal family. Christopher Steele perhaps wanting to protect the royal family, or at least Britain.

    Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton being friends with Epstein, and then Hillary being Bill’s wife.

    This is really getting down in the weeds.

    If Hillary had been elected, likely Epstein’s connections with Bill would have been very well hidden, and that could have been depended on for the Prince Andrew connection as well.

    With Trump being elected, a lot seems to be coming out.

    Maybe this is renewing my faith in the justice system.

    I had given up on the whole thing, after the FBI, DOJ and CIA spying on Trump, and then rather than that being investigated, they appoint Mueller to investigate Trump, the perfect coverup. Meanwhile Sessions recuses himself and spends his time making raids on Marijuana smokers.

    • Sessions was an obvious bad actor in many ways, but I will give it to him that as soon as President Trump took office there were thousands of pedophile arrests in that first 6 months.

      • I’m glad the pedophiles were arrested. I don’t even know if pedophilia laws are under federal or state jurisdiction, perhaps both. The states should be able to take care of it, with the assistance of the FBI and DOJ, but spying and the FBI, DOJ, and CIA being involved in a coup against the President would definitely be under Federal jurisdiction.

        If there was any indication at all of a coup going on, Sessions should have been on it immediately with every resource available. You can’t recuse yourself from a coup.

        In this situation, Sessions may go down in history as a turncoat.

  6. There will be men in prison who will love Epstein in many ways. Many requiring some kind of lubricant. I have to wonder if he would survive general population? He is a rich boy with a thing for Children. The media says underage girls to take some of the bite out of his pedophilia. Epstein will have a fun time with men who are parents with a child predator among them. He better buy stock in Sex Lube cause he will need it. https://media0.giphy.com/media/asHT7eh4AwG9G/giphy.gif

  7. I heard that quote on the news tonight when I inadvertently left the TV on after the PGA golf tournament had finished. A quote from 2002! And no mention of President Trump banning Epstein from Mar-A-Lago. The media is doing their level best to memory hole all of Bill Clinton’s trips on Epstein’s jet in the early 2000’s and focus on Donald Trump’s ancient quote.

      • Yeah me too I’m blocked at Gateway I even asked Jim to unblock me and then I got blocked a week later for nothing again.
        I gave up

        • Diqus is putting all your comments in moderation although I do not have moderate comments enabled. Marking you as low reputation too. I tried to put you in the trusted list and it didn’t work so far.

          • I’m banned at Gateway pundit I’m banned at Breitbart I’m banned at ABC and nBC I’m banned on Twitter I canceled my Facebook account my commenting selections are very limited on the internet.
            It’s because I’ve been for President Trump for about five years when I first started supporting him I was the only guy on any comment section supporting him including right-wing sites.

          • I trigger lots of leftists so I probably get lots of reports you know how they are vindictive petty little losers

      • I only link to Gateway because they had the reporters YouTube video linked in it I went to YouTube and copied and pasted the actual video so if you don’t like Gateway there’s another Link in my comments here of the YouTube video from the reporter interviewing the lawyer outside of the courthouse you can listen to that

      • They blocked me for nothing. I think they are intimidated by my site because I don’t make up false claims or run faudulent ads like they do. Anyhow I complained about it and they unblocked me.

        • You see the same trolls over and over in the comments, and one day I was irritated enough by it to insult a few of their mothers. No cursing, and it’s all stuff I’d say to my buddies. But I didn’t even get a warning, they deleted every one of my posts on their site, and I did reply too….twice actually, but there was no response. It’s been 6 months or so. I actually only even said anything because I followed this link there, read the story, and went to comment before I ever realized what site I was on. It’s whatever. I apologize for implying I had judged the op for linking the gateway pundit. Occasionally they hit a grand slam with their reporting, but the first paragraph in their comment policy says they’ll delete you for any reason any time they want.

  8. I understand that B.J. Clinton (That’s Bill Jefferson, not the other BJ)
    took more than one cruise on the Lolita Express. He probably liked the lunches.

  9. Notice how everyone is talking about Trump banned him from Mar-A-Lago, yet not a single site will give an actual year as to when that happened.

    • That’s probably because it never happened. They are all using a quote from a lawyer of the victims, who later admitted he was unable to confirm the claim.

      • Actually, it is relevant. If Trump banned him last year, even though Epstein was charged and given the deal 11 years ago, that speaks volumes on Trump’s ability to judge a person’s character. There have been multiple Trump administration employees and appointees with domestic violence and sexual assault and paying for prostitutes charges.

      • Also, this is a side note, I do want to tell you that I appreciate your responses and willingness to respond to comments left on your site, even if it is someone you might not agree with. That is very rare in this day and age. Thank you.

  10. This liberal has never left Clinton’s name out of a conversation about Epstein. I haven’t left Trump’s name out either. Wrong is wrong, I don’t care who does it.

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