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Ilhan Omar Posts Statement on Notre Dame Fire, Avoids Mentioning The Church’s Name And The Fact That Is A Catholic Cathedral

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Art and architecture have a unique ability to help us connect across our differences and bring people together in important ways. Thinking of the people of Paris and praying for every first responder trying to save this wonder – Ilhan Omar tweeted!

She failed to use the name of the cathedral or even mention that it is a church–or a Catholic church. Notre Dame is French for Our Lady and is a Catholic name for the Virgin Mary, Mother of God who gave birth to Jesus.

This isn’t the first time for her to fail to mention the right words!

She said that living in America is like an “everyday assault” and that she feels demonized, threatened and vilified.

And those are some hard words from a woman that comes from Somalia!

She even went there and refused to call 9/11 a terrorist attack!

She said:

“…some people did something, and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”

Maybe this time she wanted to say “some flames did something”?

It’s the playbook for pretty much all of liberalism these days and why wouldn’t it be because they know they control 99% of the media that will carry the water for the 100%.

I wonder how the mainstream media will report this news!

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