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Images: The Crybaby Capitol Cop Is Actually A Radical Extremist BLM In Support Of Property Damage And A Good Friend With Nancy Pelosi

In his closing remarks before the House select committee investigating Jan. 6, Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn compared the mob that stormed the Capitol, fueled by Trump’s false claims of election fraud, to a hit man hired to kill someone.

“If a hit man is hired and he kills somebody, the hit man goes to jail. But not only does the hit man go to jail, but the person who hired them does. It was an attack carried out on Jan. 6 and a hit man sent them. I want you to get to the bottom of that,” Dunn told lawmakers at the panel’s first official hearing on Tuesday.

Earlier in the hearing, Dunn compared Jan. 6 to other protests, saying that day was different because of how it originated.

“The only difference that I see is that they had marching orders, so to say,” Dunn said.

Dunn, who is Black, also recounted how a group of Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol yelled racial epithets at him after he told them to leave the building.

Dunn said that during the riot, he observed people wearing “Make America Great Again” hats and “Trump 2020” shirts, and told them to leave.

“No man, this is our house. President Trump invited us here. We’re here to stop the steal. Joe Biden is not the president. Nobody voted for Joe Biden,” they told him.

Dunn noted that as a law enforcement officer, “I do my best to keep politics out of my job.”

“But in this circumstance, I responded, ‘Well, I voted for Joe Biden. Does my vote not count? Am I nobody?’ ” he said.

Dunn sighed. “That prompted a torrent of racial epithets,” he said.

Video below:

Officer Dunn knows he can say this because the mainstream fake news media will never ask him to prove it.

Mike Cernovich has the best response to Officer Dunn’s accusations.
Release the videos.

Of course, this hearing just looks like a huge political theater and Harry Dunn’s Linkedin profile picture reveals that he is just another political actor.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson had previously predicted that the committee would have Dunn testify and called out the officer’s radical activism. “Dunn will pretend to speak for the country’s law enforcement community, but it turns out Dunn has very little in common with your average person. Dunn is an angry, left wing political activist whose social media feeds are full of praise, not coincidentally for Nancy Pelosi.”

Carlson then showed a picture of the two of them together and began citing Dunn’s tweets. “‘Racism is so American,’ Harry Dunn wrote in one post, ‘that when you protest people think you are protesting America,’ #leaveittowhitestotellblackswhatisracist #IstandwithIlhanOmar #squad. Harry Dunn, ladies and gentlemen, just another fact-based witness to the incident.”

Harry Dunn is BLM’s supporter:

But that’s not all he is also said that the burning of Kenosha was an “appropriate response.”

From the photos that surfaced this morning, it looks like he is a good friend of Nancy Pelosi, or at least her huge supporter.

So there you go folks it’s confirmed, Harry Dunn is a radical extremist BLM in support of property damage.

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