Home Culture ‘Is Macron A Dictator?’ — Hollywood Actor Defends Trump’s Military Parade (Video)

‘Is Macron A Dictator?’ — Hollywood Actor Defends Trump’s Military Parade (Video)

Every year in France they have a Military parade in Paris on the Bastille Day July 14th. This includes the Firefighters the Police and Coastal Guard.

People love if Macron approves it and it’s all good!

This parade was the one that inspired President Trump to organize a military parade here in our country for the 4th of July celebration!

The mainstream media labeled Trump as a dictator but they forgot that the inspiration for this parade came from their media darling Macron!

That’s why Robert Davi, a Hollywood actor with over 150 movies behind him decided to post a video on this Twitter account and defended Trump’s decision!

“Dear Brothers and Sisters,” the actor tweeted. “Join me in Prayer to protect our nation for the infection we have been plagued with from within- THANK YOU @POTUS for wanting to INSPIRE ALL AMERICANS and denounce those tearing us apart from within – HAPPY 4 Th of JULY GOD BLESS AMERICA & EACH OF YOU.”


Finally, someone from Hollywood with respect, intelligence, and a brain to think for himself.

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