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Jake Tapper Shows Mike Pence That Trump Hasn’t Promised 2024 Endorsement – Pence’s Response Is Perfect (Video)

Mike Pence is a strong capable Vice President! We are truly blessed to have his leadership and loyalty to Americans demonstrated by both his rhetoric and actions!

A true leader, patriotic and humble person Understands that they might not be the best person, at the time, for a certain job or position. VP Pence will make a great POTUS. But 2024 may not be the time for it. He understands he is not entitled to anything.

He showed his greatness once again when CNN’s Jake Tapper brought up the topic during his final segment with the vice president on “State of the Union,” showing a video clip of Trump equivocating on the matter.

“If Mike Pence runs for president in 2024, does he have your automatic endorsement?” the question was raised.

“Well, it is far too — look, I love Mike, we’re running again,” Trump said. “But you’re talking about a long time. So you can’t put me in that position. But I certainly would give it very strong consideration.”

“You know, it is a greatest honor of my life to serve as vice president to this president and I’m incredibly honored that he asked me to run with him in 2020,” Pence began, with a shake of his head and a smile.

Instead of addressing Trump’s comments, Pence praised his running mate and his accomplishments.

“What I can tell you is that statement reflects and I reflect the fact that the only election he and I are focused on is 2020,” he explained. “When you look at the progress in this country, 6 million new jobs created, manufacturing jobs, 500,000 across this country, we’ve rebuilt our military.”
“America is standing tall in the world again, more than 114 conservatives confirmed to our federal courts, two Supreme Court justices and we’ve made progress building a wall on our southern border,” Pence continued. “We’ll have 400 miles by next year and criminal justice reform and right to try and we’ve made progress.”

“I can’t wait to get out on the campaign trail and tell that story across this country and help to see this president re-elected in 2020 and that is all we’re thinking about,” he concluded.

Watch the video below:

He should have asked Tapper if he will automatically be voting for the opposition in both 2020 and 2024 without knowing all the candidates and circumstances. That seems to be more of an automatic occurrence.

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