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Jim Acosta Has Temper Tantrum Because President Trump Did Not Call on Him

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CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta got set off and had a temper tantrum because he was not called on during a Rose Garden press conference.

Daily Caller White House correspondent Saagar Enjeti, was allowed to ask more than one question while Acosta got none on Tuesday.

Naturally, big baby Acosta cried about it to CNN anchors after the press conference and he even had to marginalize Enjeti by criticizing the questions he asked.

Fox News reported:

“The question was asked in a way that really teed it up, like a game of tee-ball here in the Rose Garden. The president was just sort of served up a softball, there, when he was asked whether or not the Democrats are advancing a lot of socialist ideas. You heard Bolsaonaro go off on that as well,” Acosta said on CNN immediately after the press conference.

Acosta accused Enjeti of lobbing an easy question about socialism to Trump, but the Daily Caller reporter didn’t ask Trump the question about socialism. After Enjeti asked Trump a pair of questions about the Supreme Court and social media, he directed his third question to Bolsaonaro.

“President Bolsaonaro, in another question on the 2020 election, a number of Democrats who are running to replace the president have embraced or considered socialist ideas. You’ve spoken critically of that in the past,” Enjeti said. “If a socialist, or a candidate who embraces socialism were to replace the president, how would it affect your relations with the United States?”

Bolsaonaro answered that he would respect whoever emerges as the next president but expect Trump to be re-elected. Trump did not respond to Enjeti’s question about socialism despite Acosta’s claim.

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