Home Politics Joe Walsh Announces Republican Primary Challenge Against President Trump (Video)

Joe Walsh Announces Republican Primary Challenge Against President Trump (Video)


Next year Republican and Democratic voters will hold elections known as primaries to pick their respective party’s standard-bearer for the November 2020 presidential election.

The Dems have huge list of possible candidates.

But there’s nobody in the democrat socialist group that have any chance of beating our successful President Donald J Trump in 2020!

When we see his possible opponents we can realize that it will be a landslide!

The GOP seems to be behind President Trump.

But today we have a challenger for President Trump.

Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) on Sunday announced he would mount a primary challenge to President Trump.

The conservative radio host unveiled his campaign on ABC’s “This Week.”

“We’ve got a guy in the White House who is unfit, completely unfit to be president and it stuns me that nobody stepped up, nobody in the Republican Party stepped up, because I’ll tell you what George, everybody believes in the Republican party, everybody believes he’s unfit,” Walsh told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. “He lies every time he opens his mouth.” 

Watch the video below:

Joe Walsh challenge means nothing more than a little distraction because Trump train will run over him as he did with all of his opponents back in 2016!

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  1. Oh good…a Never Trumper. How helpful. Because we’re going to vote for him over the proven success of Trump? Sheesh. Please…

  2. “everybody believes he’s unfit,”

    Well, Joey, here is why I think he is fit for the job (in no particular order):

    – President Trump introduced and got passed the First Step and Second Chance Acts which will disproportionately help incarcerated Blacks in America re-enter society, reunite with their family and try to make a new life for themselves (Kevin Jackson, the Blacksphere, 8/1/2019)
    – President Trump has cut taxes for millions of Americans, particularly in the middle class.
    – His economy has resulted in the creation of millions of jobs (lowest unemployment for all in years, and lowest unemployment for some minorities ever).
    – The Trump economy has created six million jobs, and counting.
    – He has gotten our hostages and remains home from NK, and has halted NK long range missile testing.
    – He is building a wall that we desperately need on the southern border.
    – He moved our embassy to Jerusalem (something presidents have been promising for years and which Congress approved many years ago)
    – He has cut many redundant and unnecessary regulations. Has cut 13 Obama-era regulations for every new one added saving $33B (Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner, 7/22/2019)
    – He has improved US trade deals with our neighbors, Japan and China.
    – He has seen to it that NATO allies pay more of their fair share (most are still behind on what they promised).
    – He enabled the formation of an independent investigation into allegations of collusion that were proved to be unfounded.
    – He has exposed much of the MSM for the partisan propaganda machine that it is.
    – He has built the military back up to previous levels (after Obama gutted the military and crushed morale).
    – He has sacrificed much including not taking his presidential salary.
    – He has made many of us proud of what America is doing again.
    – True to his promise, President Donald Trump has slashed the budget for the White House by nearly $20 million and leading by example in hopes that all federal agencies will follow suit. (Godfather Politics, 7/2019)
    – we are displacing literally tons and tons of old, dirty-burning gas emissions and coal emissions in Europe and replacing them with clean-burning natural gas.” rolling back unfair regulations (Fox News, 7/8/2019)
    – Dependence on government programs by Americans has diminished during the presidency of Donald Trump, most visible in the shrinking of food stamp enrollment. (Epoch Times, 7/10/2019)
    – He has turned around the reality of falling real hourly earnings during the last of the Obama budgets, and has turned a greater than 2% drop into an almost 2% gain (2015-mid-2017 vs mid-2017-6/20190) (BLS, TED: RAHE ending June 2019)

    • GREAT meme. Please do more. Saw a MAGA Patriot guy recently in youtube (SGT Friday channel} saying we all need to get really good at making memes about these libtards in the lead-up to the election. You nailed it. Keep it going…thank you.

  3. What is a joewalsh?
    Sounds like a rag someone would use to wipe off their toes after stepping in a cow-pie.

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