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Judge Napolitano: “Americans Are Entitled to Know What Rice Did” (Video)

judge napolitano amerians deserve to hear rice testimony on unmasking

On Tuesday, Susan Rice was scheduled to testify before Congress about her unmasking controversy but somehow weaseled out of it.

Why would she refuse to testify after agreeing to do it? It only raises more suspicion about her intent of unmasking.

She already lied about it and claimed she knew nothing about any unmasking and then she changed her story when it was revealed it was her that did it. Maybe she needs more time to make up more lies?

Is this another case of limousine liberals deciding what they think is legal and what is not?

Some reports say that her testimony has been postponed, but it’s unknown if she has been scheduled to testify at a later date.

Judge Napolitano appeared on Fox News and explains the alleged felony Rice committed for unmasking people from surveillance records who did nothing wrong and who were not under investigation for political reasons. He points out, Americans are entitled to know what Rice did with the unmasking.

Watch the video:

Do you think Susan Rice is guilty of unmasking for political purposes?

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