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Lindsey Graham Unleashes ALPHA POWER on Child Migrants: ‘Lock ‘Em Up!’

The Senate’s womb-bruising all star Lindsey “One-Man Bukkake” Graham (R-SC) is getting serious on border security and targeting the scourge of migrant kids.

The fake news thinks they can say, “Oh, think of the children!” and get the GOP to capitulate. While that may work on some Congressional cucks, Sen. Graham is not tricked by these media theatrics and is introducing a bill to increase detention time for kids.

“We have a perfect storm brewing at the border because of a series of broken and outdated laws related to asylum and children,” Graham said. “No matter how high the wall will be built…no matter how many agents you put at the border, they’ll keep coming because they want to get caught.”

Graham has figured out all the sinister schemes these toddlers have devised. Every infant who is dragged across the border is a sleeper cell, waiting to cause the demographic explosion that will turn America into Guatemala before we can say: “Holy Frijoles!”

Over Lindsey Graham’s toned, masculine, chiseled, well-hung dead body will that ever happen in the good ol’ US of A!

“We need more time and more bed space. The best way to stop that flow is to send them back to their country as you would with Canada or Mexico,” Graham explained.

His upcoming legislation will end the virgin “20-day rule” while replacing it with the Chad 100-day rule. While this bill stops short of Graham’s preferred policy of impaling child migrants at the border with American-made steel spikes, the pragmatic lawmaker is putting something forth he thinks can actually get passed.

Graham said on Fox News: “We’re gonna go to 100 days, we can hold minor children for 100 days so we can actually process the entire family without letting them go. We’re gonna increase judges by 500; we got almost 900,000 backlog of asylum claims. We’re gonna wipe out the backlog [of asylum claims.]”

“The incentive that is created by our laws will cease to exist,” Graham added. “This humanitarian disaster will begin to repair itself.”

“We need to ask — who is in control here? Us or the smugglers? I hope Democrats will work with us to find a bipartisan solution. This isn’t a hoax or a manufactured crisis. It is real and serious,” Graham warned. “Today’s introduction begins the debate on a fix.”

While Graham may fix the problem at the border, nothing will fix the man’s vociferous sexual appetite. Lindsey will remain a playa’ til death, as the Senate’s #1 confirmed bachelor is a p-ssyslayer on a level that not even President Donald Trump can fathom.

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