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Massive Liberal Media Layoffs Show How Trump is Killing the Fake News

One of the most notorious peddlers of fake news – BuzzFeed – is tumbling fast. They announced today that they will be cutting 15 percent of its work force as it desperately tries not to go the way of Gawker.

CNN gives the run-down on this poetic justice in action:

uzzFeed is preparing to lay off about 15% of its employees. The coming contraction is the latest example of a media company making cutbacks in a difficult operating environment.

The reductions will affect multiple departments, including the news division, according to sources familiar with the matter.

BuzzFeed has about 1,450 employees, so about 220 will be leaving, one of the sources confirmed.

BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti confirmed the sharp cut on Wednesday after reporters from other news outlets began inquiring.

The layoffs, he said in an internal memo, are part of a broader effort to “put us on a firm foundation and allow us to invest and grow sustainably for years to come.”‘

Libtard cucks are on Twitter playing the victim, as if we are supposed to cry that these losers cannot compete in the marketplace.

To make matters even more sweet for Trump supporters, other liberal fake news peddlers are hurting as well.

It will be hard not to choke on the crocodile tears of these disgraced cowards. BuzzFeed was exposed by deep state hack Robert Mueller of all people for reporting fake news just last week. This week, the entire media-industrial complex led a failed witch hunt against children after they were accosted by hostile minorities at the Lincoln Memorial.

These propaganda outlets going belly up will be better for the public and their understanding of the issues. Alternative media could not possibly do a worse job than this biased, anti-American cabal of wannabe gatekeepers.

This was originally posted at The Schpiel.