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McDonald’s Worker Shares Disgusting Photos Of What Comes Out Of McFlurry Machine! (Photos)

I was eating much more often into our fast food outlets in the 90’s but lately not so much the reason is simple the quality in our best fast food restaurants is dropping!

I rarely eat at the “fast food” outlets…I always feel that they are not properly clean and sanitized! Young folk who work at these places laugh about ” funny accidents” that happen at their workplaces. A common one is dropping food onto the floor, then picking it up and serving it! I’ll stay at home and eat one time butter!

A man who claimed to work in McDonalds has shared stomach-churning photos of what he claims came out of one of the fast food chain’s ice cream machines.

The man, who goes by the name of ‘Nick’ on Twitter and lives in Louisiana, shared the gross photos on his page and they have quickly gone viral.

The image shows a metal tray that he claims came out of one of the chain’s ice cream machines – and it appears to be full of green gunk.

He then added another tweet, writing: ‘People keep quoting this and saying this is the reason it’s always down when it works perfectly fine with this in it.’

In a final tweet, he shared photos of what he claimed to be the frozen food from McDonalds

I am not surprised most the staff is young and you can bet they don’t care about washing their hands or anybody else. The management is at fault should be more checks and maybe gloves used at all times when handling food or anything that comes into contact.

Maybe we should start avoiding their drinks ice cream and burgers, share this with someone you care about!

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