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Mother Who Lost Son at Hands of Illegal Alien: ‘God Bless Our ICE Agents’ (Video)

The Democrats are hell-bent on doing away with ICE, you can be sure they don’t have the American citizens’ or this country’s best interests at heart. Whatever their agenda is, it’s not good for us.

ICE is our last line of defense against foreign invaders who are destroying our country!

On Monday’s “Fox & Friends,” Mary Ann Mendoza, the mother of a police officer who was killed in a head-on collision with an illegal immigrant who was driving drunk, made an appearance to discuss illegal immigration.

Partial transcript of the interview:

“God bless our ICE agents, and thank goodness they’re doing the job they’re doing,” Mendoza said. “This is just really showing the importance of vetting for legal immigration to our country so that our citizens are protected, as well as our law enforcement officers. We can’t just have people flowing over our border not knowing who’s coming here.”

What I would love to see is a headline that reads ‘An American killed by a five-time previously deported illegal alien convicted of crimes, who was shown leniency in our courts and released back out onto our streets to kill.’ That would be a truthful headline, and yet no media outlet will ever print something like that. And this is what happens daily in our country. 4,300 Americans are killed by illegal alien criminals in our country, and you will never read a headline that is in support of our fellow Americans,” Mendoza added.

I thank God every day that we have a president like President Trump who is upholding our immigration laws and stands tall. And standing shoulder to shoulder with his fellow American citizens to protect us.”

Video below:

This is a good example of why We Need ICE. The Democrats have blood on their hands. I and Millions of voters support ICE.

Pray for this lady and her family recovery over her sons’ death.

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