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Obama and Hillary both refusing to say “Christians” in tweets about Easter attack – Twitter Explodes

At least 207 people have been killed and more than 450 injured in Sri Lanka after suicide bombers from a religious extremist group struck churches and hotels in multiple cities on Sunday morning.

Three Catholic churches were targeted while their Easter services were underway, and three five-star hotels were attacked in and around the country’s capital, Colombo. It is the worst violence the country since the end of a brutal 26-year civil war a decade ago, and the largest targeted attack on Christians in South Asia in memory — let alone on one of the faith’s holiest days.

This terrorist attack is horrifying, but what is even more horrifying is the fact that one of the most important members in the Democratic party refused to call the people who suffered during the attacks Christians!

Instead, the two decided to call the recent violence an attack on “Easter Worshippers”.

Some comments below her Twiiter post made her regred this:

Countless more decide dto attack the former Secretary of state!

And our Former President did the same “mistake”

Twitter users furiously responded:

Sometimes we have to wonder, who voted for these people?

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