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Obama Reveals His Plan To Create University That Will Produce a ‘Million Baracks and Michelles’

You can always count on Obama to take narcissism to new levels.

Yesterday while speaking at the Bell MTS Place in Canada, Barack detailed plans for creating a “university for social change” aimed at indoctrinating future leaders from around the world who harbor cynicism towards “old institutions.”

If we train them — if we give them skills, support, financing, media training, spotlights, then they’re the ones that are going to carry forward the solutions that we so desperately need,” the former president said.

“If we could form a network of those young leaders, not just in the United States, but around the world, then we got something,” he continued before adding, “if we can train a million Baracks and Michelles who are running around thinking they can change the world,” hope is attainable.

If citizens participate, then that’s how change happens,” the 44th president began. “If they do not, then this isn’t going to be solved because suddenly — to take a U.S. example, Mitch McConnell suddenly comes to his senses and says, ‘You know what, I feel bad about not cooperating with Barack because, actually, he was pretty reasonable.”

“The Affordable Care Act wasn’t a particularly radical proposition. It was just providing people healthcare using the existing market-based system,’” he added.

He actually means a million kids who hate America, are ignorant of history and either have no idea or don’t care what the Constitution means….who choose socialism over capitalism knowing (and caring to know) only the benefits of the first and the weaknesses of the second…who prefer Ruling Class domination over individual liberty…who worship Marx and The State rather than even acknowledge a Power greater than themselves…and who have no real-world experience yet think they have all the answers. Yep, that would definitely be a huge leap forward in the “fundamental transformation” of America into Barackistan.