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Obama’s ICE Chief Thomas Homan: Don’t Blame Trump, ‘Cages’ For Illegals Were Built By Obama Administration

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Illegal immigration is a clear and present danger not just to America, but to the whole world.

Friday, during an interview on “Outnumbered,” former ICE acting director Thomas Homan admire President Trump for his support of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and to American families who have been the victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

He also destroyed the media narrative with his statement made yesterday!

He said that it was President Barack Obama, who had the idea of putting illegal immigrant children in the “cages” that Democrats have used as a bludgeon against President Trump.

He stated on Wednesday, “I’ve been to that facility, where they talk about cages. That facility was built under President Obama under (Homeland Security) Secretary Jeh Johnson. I was there because I was there when it was built,” according to The Washington Examiner.

Homan, speaking at the conference hosted by the Center for Immigration Studies, noted a Democratic chairman who asked a Trump official, “You still keeping kids in cages?” He snapped, “I would answer the question, ‘The kids are being housed in the same facility built under the Obama administration.’ If you want to call them cages, call them cages. But if the left wants to call them cages and the Democrats want to call them cages then they have to accept the fact that they were built and funded in FY 2015.”

Homan said that the Border Patrol facilities where illegal immigrants are detained “were not built to take care of children,” adding, “It’s chain link dividers that keeps children separate from unrelated adults. It’s about protecting children.”

Finally, a decent man from Obama’s administration who is ready to admit the truth!

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