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Pelosi and Schumer Caught on Camera Doing Victory Dance After They Thought That They Fooled Trump Into War With Iran (Video)

After the meeting, Democrat Senate leader Chuck Schumer from New York and Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, could be seen cheering outside the White House. As they approached their cars, Schumer raised his hands in victory and Pelosi was smiling and cheering on Schumer.

These people are totally out of control, they no longer care about our country, they are giddy to destroy it

The liberal media says Schumer was dancing because he was overjoyed his mother had been released from the hospital.

But we all know that the Dems is based on lies!

This video tells you everything you need to know about the carnival clown libs and their organ monkey media.

They have nothing to offer but hate, fraud, hysteria, and hypocrisy. And screeches of racism and sexism with every breath. They have been totally exposed as despicable clowns, and they can’t hide it anymore.

The people see right through it. They will stop at nothing illegal, immoral or otherwise in their desperation to gain power.

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