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PETA Sues Man for Publishing Monkey Selfie, Claims Monkey Deserves Money

Monkey selfie in Indonesia
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Animal rights organization People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has no threshold for how low they will go to harass human beings over their opinions of animals.

Now PETA is ruining a man’s life over a selfie of a monkey.

It all started in 2011 when Photographer David Slater was in Indonesia photographing a group macaques where he came up with the idea to try and get them to take a selfie of themselves.

After working with the monkeys for a while, at one point a monkey grabbed the camera and snapped its own photographs and history was made.

Naturally, the images ended up on the Internet and went viral.

The images landed on Wikipedia and a blog called Techdirt and in 2014 Slater asked both websites to stop using the images without his permission.

Wikipedia and Techdirt refused, claiming Slater did not own the photo since the monkey pressed the button on the camera and not him.

Slater and the two websites eventually parted ways over the dispute and nothing came of it.

However, now PETA decided to escalate Wikipedia and Techdirt’s reasoning and go full crazy and claiming that not only did the monkey take the picture of itself, but it knew what it was doing and has intellectual property rights too.

PETA sued both Slater and the company that published his book “Wildlife Personalities,” on behalf of the monkey, claiming the monkey owned the photograph which the book used on its cover and deserved proceeds from the book.

In 2016, a federal judge ruled against the organization, claiming that animals were not covered by copyright laws. PETA appealed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which heard oral arguments on the case on Wednesday.

Slater is reportedly so broke from the legal wrangling that he could not afford to attend the first hearing of the court. He cannot even afford a car. He’s even thinking of becoming a tennis coach or perhaps a dog walker just to make some money.

PETA is asking the court to allow them to administer the proceeds of “monkey selfie” sales for the benefit of the macaque monkeys, without compensation to PETA.

After all of this, it is still clear, according to U.S. Copyright Office, that animals can’t own a copyright.

PETA is heartless when it comes to human animals and they are nothing but a bunch of evil hypocrites.

H/T Motherboard

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