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PETA’s Outrageous Demand: NY Mayor Accused of Rat ‘Demonization’ – You Won’t Believe Their Reasoning

First the headline is not a satire and it’s real!

Second both PETA and Eric Adams are a joke.

Here’s what PETA had to say about rats

This is from PETA:

About Rats

Many people find that domesticated rats, who are descended from wild Norway rats, are affectionate, intelligent, and sociable animals, not that different from dogs. But others fear rats and don’t want them in their buildings, so they resort to cruel methods of controlling rat populations.

Rats, like mice, are found throughout North America. They are nocturnal, and they can enter a building through quarter-size holes.

Solving Conflicts Compassionately

Rat-proofing a building is the only sure way to deter rats. Killing them will only cause other rats to move into the newly available spaces. After rat-proofing your building, give the remaining animals a chance at life by live-trapping and releasing them outdoors.

To rat-proof a building, put all food and garbage in sturdy, well-sealed containers that rats can’t gnaw through. (You may want to move some foods from the cupboards to the refrigerator.)

Now they even decided to go one step further and we have screenshots in case they decided to delete this!

PETA is condemning NY Mayor Eric Adams for “demonizing” the city’s rat population:

IF the Mayor had any stones, he would call out PETA for being a worthless and stupid organization as evident by their concern for rats.

The media won’t say it of course.

These are groups that need to be done away with.
Their expiration date is up, like rotten eggs.

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