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Photos Show the ‘Size’ of the Crowd at AOC’s Manic Cameo During a Bronx Rally – Her Performance Looks Even Funnier From This Angle

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defended her manic cameo at a weekend Bronx rally in support of fellow far-left Rep. Jamaal Bowman, saying the R-rated event had been “fun as hell.”

“Fox News is big mad that we’re for the many, not the money,” the “Squad” member wrote on X along with a clip of her on-stage gyrations at St. Mary’s Park in Mott Haven.

“We rallied 1,200 people in the Bronx to take on dark money, get fired up, and send busloads of volunteers to canvass and phone bank.

“It’s called organizing. And it’s fun as hell.”’

The reality is totally different!

Nobody with brain supports the Dems especially AOC!

She lied about the crowd size, maybe 50 people were in the Bronx.

From this angle performance of AOC on the stage in front of 50 people half of whom are journalists is even funnier:

Now let’s role back to Trump’s rally in Bronx and compare the crowd!

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) mocked former President Trump over bad weather ahead of his rally in the Bronx.

“God is Good 🙏🏽,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote in a post on the social platform X.

And indeed God is Good!

AOC said the event in one of the bluest counties in the country would be a ‘muddy mess’, posted ‘God is good’ when it started to rain and urged the majority black and Hispanic locals not to show up.

The result was that the rally exceeded all expectations and it was a huge success!

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has mocked New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on social media while referring to the crowd size at former President Donald Trump’s rally in the Bronx.

On X, formerly Twitter, the MAGA Republican reposted a video said to show a line of people waiting to see the former president speak in New York on May 23, writing in the caption: “AOC is so mad. She can’t get 20 people to show up for her town halls.”

Reverend Diaz calling out AOC, as a false prophet was probably the highlight of the event! God is so good all the time!!!

Below you can listen to the disdain in Ocasio Cortez’s voice for an American Christian Pastor of African descent.
Wonder why DNC and Joe Biden is losing votes? Because the left can’t contain their hate anymore, it’s now out for all to see.

Video below:

She couldn’t face his truth and she fled!

Trump was the first Republican presidential candidate to hold a campaign event in the Bronx in more than 40 years. The last one to do so was Ronald Reagan in 1984.

AOC in the meantime should worry more about her support!