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Poop Alert May Affect Tourist Trade in this Big City

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by Daveda Gruber:

If you are planning a trip to a California city, you may want to use a specialized map or reconsider. When travelling please watch where you step! As a matter of fact, you really should avoid certain areas if your nose is sensitive to strong odors.

When the need for a map of San Francisco’s most pooped in neighborhoods becomes a necessity for a guide of where not to go, you may want to pick another destination.

This, in itself, could cause a decline in the tourist trade.

There is a new map that pinpoints locations where human feces are reported to have been found. Hold your nose this story may get stinky. Since 2011 the California city has had poop sightings and the information is overwhelming.

Many people just can’t afford to live in the once beautiful clean city. A family of four living on earnings of $117,400 a year is considered low-income. The sale price of a two-bedroom is $1.3 million. When night, falls on the city of 885,000 has about 4,400 people sleeping unsheltered, in alleys and doorways and tucked away in Golden Gate Park.

With the homeless population growing every year, nearly every block has had poop sightings that have been assembled for us to see by Open The Books.

Look what I found on Twitter:

Not only people living in San Francisco are affected by the filthy problem. Sea lions and aquatic life that live in the Bay Area have become victims of human waste. Seal Rocks, which is a jagged formation surrounded by the ocean, has been listed in the sightings. Also, a popular tourist area, Fisherman’s Wharf, had waste floating in the water.

Not even workers in the headquarters of companies such as Twitter and Uber are spared. Market Street, where they located, has had the largest concentration of complaints.

The block that surrounds city hall has nearly a hundred markers to show its poop sightings.

The San Francisco Department of Public Works has received complaints and data shows the increase of the poop sightings since 2011. That year, 5,547 human feces incidents were reported. The number has risen to 28,084 in 2018.

Now, that’s a lot of poop!

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