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Rand Paul Feared Leftist Assailant Would Kill Him During Attack

Rand Paul

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) told the jury at the Warren Circuit Court during a testimony on Monday that he feared Rene Boucher, a left-wing extremist, would attack him during Boucher’s brutal attack on Paul last year, according to reports by the Associated Press and the Bowling Green Daily News.

Paul claimed he was disembarking his riding mower while wearing noise-canceling headphones when Boucher came up behind him and forcefully tackled him down a slope, sending both men through the air for 5 to 10 feet and leaving Paul face down on the floor.

“At this point, I thought, ‘I can’t breathe. … If I do nothing, this may be the last breath I ever take, because whoever is doing this isn’t stopping.’ And I really thought if I got another blow to my back, I wasn’t going to survive. And so really I did think I could die at that point. The thought crossed my mind that I may never get up from this lawn again,” Paul stated.

Paul then had a flashback to the moment when another extremist supporter of far-left politician Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT), James Hodgkinson, opened fire on a group of Republican members of Congress at a Congressional baseball practice, including Sen. Paul.

Criminal courts have declined to adequately punish Boucher, so Paul has been forced into civil litigation.

“We held out for a long time and wanted to see justice be done,” he continued. “My hope in being here today is that the jury will send a signal that this isn’t okay … He got the sentence of a shoplifter, he wasn’t adequately punished.”

Paul continues to take ibuprofen regularly to deal the intense ongoing pain from this act of political violence, as he has declined to accept opioid medication due to concerns about its addictive properties. A year on, the impact of the savage attack is still taking a physical toll on the Senator.

“I’m limited in my ability to turn my body,” Paul added. “My ribs will never be as strong. If I fall on them I could get a punctured lung, bruised lung, punctured heart, you name it.”

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