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Report: George Soros And Other Liberal Mega-Donors Are Set To Spend $275 Million In 2020

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Soros is one of the most dangerous and evil people in our society today. He is single-handedly directing and sponsoring most of the left’s outrageous radicalism and their attack on our free and prosperous capitalist society.

He never stopped working against Conservatives and he and his group of Mega-Donors had a meeting last week to talk about 2020.

They gathered last week to discuss how they can strategically distribute $275 million for maximum impact on the 2020 elections, according to an exclusive report by The Washington Free Beacon.

The group of millionaire and billionaire liberal donors called the Democracy Alliance (DA) held its Spring Partner Retreat and Strategy Conference on April 3-5 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, Texas, the Beacon reported Thursday. Press was barred from conference sessions.

The DA claims to have given $1.83 billion to liberal causes since being founded in 2005, according to documents obtained by the Beacon. Members are required to pledge a minimum of $200,000 per year to organizations identified as important by the group.

The DA has supported dozens of organizations over the years, including Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), Media Matters for America, Organizing for Action and the Center for Popular Democracy, according to Influence Watch.

George Soros is buying the Democrat party so the FBI needs to check into him.

There should be a new law that says all future politicians can’t accept any money from anyone and run on your own dime.

Or limit the $$ to 10,000 and see how they can be creative and run a campaign

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