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Roger Stone, “I Will Never Testify Against the President and I Look Forward to be Fully and Completely Vindicated” (VIDEO)

Today on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” political operative Roger Stone, a former adviser to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential election effort, talked about the hardships he had faced while under the scrutiny of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Department of Justice probe.

Even though the pressure that Stone is under, he assured the public that he will not to “bear false witness” against President Donald Trump through the ordeal. Roger Stone is a true patriot.

“Here is the most important thing, Tucker: No matter how much pressure they put on me, no matter what they say — I will not bear false witness against Donald Trump,” Stone said. “I will not do what Michael Cohen has done, and make up lies to ease the pressure on myself. My God, a great wife, and my family see me through this.”

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