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RUSSIAN COLLUSION: Bernie Sanders Sings Song for Communism on Soviet Honeymoon

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) likes to paint himself as an unparalleled champion of the working class, but really he’s a limousine liberal with a cool million in his bank account and a sweet new beach house he bought after selling out to Crooked Hillary in 2016.

In his earlier days, Bernie quite literally colluded with the Rooskies and he did so at the height of the Cold War when it actually mattered. He took his wife on a Honeymoon in 1988 to Soviet Russia where he locked arms with communists and sang, “This Land is Your Land.” Hard to ignore the symbolism in this display.


The liberal who posted the video remarked: “Is getting drunk & singing on your honeymoon bad? No, but why do it in the USSR, during the Cold War & then want to know why we’re concerned Bernie joined Republicans in voting to remove sanctions from a Russian who attacked our elections?”

The Jewish Daily Forward delivers the spin from the progressive point of view regarding Bernie’s song and dance number:

“It’s true that in 1988 Bernie and Jane Sanders spent time in the Soviet Union immediately after their wedding, but Sanders was the mayor of Burlington at the time, and the trip, to Burlington’s Soviet sister city, Yaroslavl, was a part of his official duties. Sanders wrote openly about it in his memoir, jokingly referring to it as a “honeymoon.”

The video, which somewhat hilariously features a shirtless Sanders belting out the lyrics to the Woody Guthrie classic with a table of apparent locals, does look like a good time. But, as Leonid Bershidsky wrote in Bloomberg of the alleged “honeymoon,” which was brought up during the 2016 primary debates to suggest that Sanders has Communist affiliations, the Soviet Union in 1988 was “hardly a place for an admirer of Communism to find comfort.”

So we will instead have to take comfort, or not, in this possible 2020 candidate’s body acceptance, formidable glasses game, and willingness to reach across the table and break bread (or vodka) with people who are a different.”

Don’t you get the feeling that the Democrats wouldn’t have a problem with Russian collusion if Putin was still a communist? The problem they have with Putin is he stands against Islamic despotism, stands for traditional values, and crushes homo-pedo-degeneracy in his homeland. Their positive reaction to Bernie’s open collusion with the Soviet explains it all. These Democrats are the enemies of America, worse than ISIS!

This was originally posted on The Schpiel.

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