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Sanctuary City Will Now Start Referring To Convicted Felons As “Justice-Involved Persons”

What was once a hub for newcomers is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of its former residents as more and more citizens of the San Francisco Bay Area are jumping ship at a record-breaking pace. This is what happens when one Party has been in control for TOO many years.

The cost of living in San Francisco is staggering. Renting a two-bedroom apartment costs $4,650 a month on average, which is the highest rate in the country, and if you want to buy a home in the Bay Area, the median price is $825,000.

In fact, people are fleeing the Bay Area at a rate that hasn’t been seen for an entire decade. However, home prices are just one factor in the exodus. Another issue is California’s changing demographics.

Pelosi should take the blame for this but instead correcting the mistakes this sanctuary city is making new mistakes.

The city is instead going to target words that hurt people’s feelings.

Words like “criminal,” “convict” “drug user,” “juvenile delinquent,” and others.

From Fox News:

Crime-ridden San Francisco has introduced new sanitized language for criminals, getting rid of words such as “offender” and “addict” while changing “convicted felon” to “justice-involved person.”

The Board of Supervisors adopted the changes last month even as the city reels from one of the highest crime rates in the country and staggering inequality exemplified by pervasive homelessness alongside Silicon Valley wealth.

The local officials say the new language will help change people’s views about those who commit crimes.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, from now on a convicted felon or an offender released from custody will be known as a “formerly incarcerated person,” or a “justice-involved” person or just a “returning resident.” …

“We don’t want people to be forever labeled for the worst things that they have done,” Supervisor Matt Haney told the newspaper. “We want them ultimately to become contributing citizens, and referring to them as felons is like a scarlet letter that they can never get away from.”

The sanitized language, though unlikely to do much to address the crime problem, may result in some convoluted descriptions of crimes in the future. …

Here are the other changes:

“Juvenile delinquents” will now be called “young persons with justice system involvement,” or “young persons impacted by the juvenile justice system.”

“Drug addicts” or “substance abusers” will become known as “persons with a history of substance use.”

Although the city’s district attorney has endorsed the changes, Mayor London Breed hasn’t weighed in yet.

What do you think about this?

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