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Seattle Police With Guns Drawn Let A Stolen Car Drive Away Because Of City’s Woke Democrat Policies (Video)

The KIRO Radio news team captured video on Wednesday from directly outside its Eastlake studio in Seattle, showing police with guns drawn on a vehicle, before the car sped away on the sidewalk.


Video below:


From MyNorthWest:

“According to Seattle Police Department Sergeant Randy Huserik, the incident stemmed from a call placed by a passerby, who initially told dispatchers there was a vehicle parked on the sidewalk with its engine running.

Officers responded to the scene, and after making contact with the occupant of the car, discovered from the license plate that the vehicle had been reported stolen. Additional units were then summoned, ‘to assist in attempting to the take the driver who was in possession of a stolen vehicle into custody.’

Video footage taken by KIRO Radio shows that a group of officers proceeded to surround the vehicle with their guns drawn before it fled, driving away on the sidewalk.”


As to why the officers did not pursue the criminal, SPD Seargent Huserik cited the city “pursuit” policy that was implemented last year, saying it restricted them during this incident.

Huserik also noted that the situation would have been the same regardless of the new policy because the deep-blue Washington State’s policies have “been restrictive for some time.”

“Public safety being paramount, we have to factor in time of day, weather conditions, the activity of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the area.

Then, of course, we have our pursuit policy in the SPD manual — that dictates when and when we cannot pursue a vehicle, and in this in this circumstance, our pursuit policy did not allow officers to go after that vehicle.”

What no one’s saying is those car thieves were either coming back from or on their way to commit a much more serious crime.

It’s a common tactic of criminals to first steal a car, then use it to commit a bigger crime and dump it afterward. What the politicians will never admit to is their no chase policy will prevent police from preventing other crimes; but what the heck, they’ve all but decriminalized crime anyway.

The only dangerous people out there, according to the government, are Christians, heteros, parents, and gun owners.

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