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‘Send her back!’ Trump Crowd Chants As President Attacks Ilhan Omar-The Congresswoman Hits Back Immediately (Video)

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“The Squad” should applaud America for all she has done for them but instead they put America down every day.

This actions by the progressive wing of the Democratic party were taken seriously by President Trump who decided to react and condemn the un-American comment made by them.

But it seems that the situation is getting out of control.

Social media erupted with criticism on Wednesday evening after some in the crowd at a campaign rally for Donald Trump in Greenville, North Carolina, chanted “Send her back!” after the president criticized Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

The chant was short-lived and began as President Trump began criticizing Omar for her history of antisemitic comments. Trump did not appear to anticipate the chant, or to encourage it, and did not react to it in real-time.

Watch the video below:

Omar herself took to Twitter late Wednesday to respond to the Trump rally.

“I am where I belong, at the people’s House,” wrote the Minnesota congresswoman, “and you’re just gonna have to deal!”

Omar herself also responded by quoting a Maya Angelou poem:

Reaction to the chant sent “#TrumpRally” to the top of Twitter trends in the United States. Democrats were aghast:

Omar doesn’t embrace American values. You’d think someone who benefited from our very generous asylum system that saved her life would be more grateful.

But still, we don’t need these chants!

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