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SHOCKING! Parent Encourages Daughter to Hit Teen While She Restrains Her (Video)

Police in Turlock, California arrested a parent who was recorded on video physically restrained a teenager while encouraging her own daughter to hit her.

The incident too place after school and was captured on mobile phone video by another student and uploaded to social media.

The video shows the woman holding a teen while she screams at her daughter to hit her, because “it’s after school” and she can’t get in trouble.


KCRA 3 reported:

A woman wanted on suspicion of child abuse after being seen on video grabbing a teenage girl was arrested, Turlock police said Wednesday.

Barbara Cypress was taken into custody Tuesday at her home, Sgt. Russ Holeman said.

Cypress is accused of egging on her 13-year-old daughter to hit another 13-year-old girl during an after-school fight, police said. The fight happened Friday after the 13-year-old girls finished classes at Turlock Junior High School, officials said.

The victim said she was being bullied by the other girl. After the bus ride home, the bully told the victim to stop talking about her. When the teens arrived at Columbia Park, the bully’s mother egged on a fight, the victim said.

“She came out of nowhere and said to punch me,” the victim explained.

In cellphone video shot by another student, Cypress is seen grabbing the victim’s shoulders while her daughter hits the victim, officials said.


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