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Somali-Born Journalist Visits Ilhan Omar’s Homeland to Prove it is Safe, But is Murdered by Terrorists

Ilhan Omar is a native of Somalia who fled the corruption-ridden, war-torn country on the Horn of Africa with her family at the age of 8, Omar has been a Minnesota resident since 1997, according to her congressional biography.

Omar’s constant attacks on America are strange given the fact that she comes from war-stricken Somalia who is full of corruption.

Similar like Omar a Somali-born journalist from Canada travels to her native country to prove that it’s safe to live there!

The results were horrifying as she and her husband end up dead, killed by terrorists!

At least 26 people have been killed in an extremist attack in Somalia including a prominent Somali-Canadian journalist and her husband.

The Mogadishu-based independent radio station Radio Dalsan confirmed to The Associated Press that Hodan Nalayeh and Farid Jama Suleiman died in the attack Friday.

Hodan Nalayeh spent the last days of her life doing what she loved most: sharing a side of Somalia rarely depicted in the West. On Twitter, she posted photos of young boys grinning on the island of Ilisi, fresh fish and lobsters pulled straight from the Indian Ocean and a colorful sunset from the port city of Kismayo.

Nalayeh returned to the country of her birth to tell “uplifting” stories about Somalia, according to News Wars.

“It was an incredible day to witness #Somalia’s beauty,” the Somali-Canadian journalist wrote.

Before President Trump’s tweetstorm in which he encouraged Omar to go back and fix her own country, Somali-Canadian journalist Hodan Nalayeh was trying to do precisely that.

One respondent praised her for “countering the doom narrative propagated by many about Somalia”.

This is so sad.

But Ilhan Omar should think twice before she attacks America again!