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Sports Announcer Suspended for Entire Season for ‘Racist’ Comment That He Intended as a Compliment (Video)

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Gary Dolphin has been suspended for the remainder of the basketball season by Hawkeye Sports Properties. The decision follows an “inappropriate comment” during the broadcast of the Iowa-Maryland game.

And they labeled as an inappropriate comment a sports compliment that he made about one of the players!
Dolphin came under scrutiny when he referred to Terrapins player Bruno Fernando as “King Kong.”

The remark came toward the end of a Top 25 clash in which then-21st-ranked Iowa lost 66-65 to 24th-ranked Maryland.

Here is an audio clip provided by CBS Sports’ Chris Hassel:

Dolphin probably shouldn’t have used those words given the heated societal climate in 2019. But to suspend him for the entire season just seems excessive.

The double standards that are used these days on white people are just too much!

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