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Ted Cruz Calls For ‘legal action’ Against Portland Mayor After Brutal Antifa Attack On Journalist Andy Ngo

As you probably read Journalist Andy Ngo, who covers Antifa activity, was attacked at a Portland rally Saturday and has reportedly been admitted to the hospital.

Masked individuals attacked Ngo at a rally in Oregon, throwing what appeared to be milkshakes at him and punching him, according to footage of the attack.

Ngo says he was assaulted by the protesters multiple times without any help from police. They also stole his camera equipment.

Ngo is an editor for Quillette who describes himself as “hated by [A]ntifa” on his Twitter profile. He recorded the aftermath of the day’s events on social media. The video showed Ngo with scars on his face in addition to what appeared to be swelling.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is now calling upon federal law enforcement to take a look at what happened, particularly actions taken by Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D).

And he called out mainstream journalists to not ignore the story.

Do you agree with Ted Cruz should Portland mayor be held reponsible for this?

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