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The Look on CNN’s Anchor While Covering Trump’s Massive Rally in ‘One of the Bluest Counties in the Country’ Says It All (Video)

President Trump is was speaking to the 10,000 strong rally of supporters in the Bronx in New York City yesterday.

The Bronx is the bluest of all boroughs in New York City but that did not stop supporters from filling the venue.

President Trump is speaking to a fired up crowd of supporters in The Bronx on a lovely night after showers earlier in the day.

The Bronx is the bluest of New York City boroughs with a majority of Spanish voters. Biden “won” 83% of the Bronx vote back in 2020.

It was clear early in the day that Trump’s rally in the heavily blue Bronx would be massive, and CNN seemed quite shocked by the scene. Too bad Jim Acosta wasn’t there to enjoy it!

Here’s CNN admitting President Trump’s rally in the Bronx was a massive success:

“Certainly a bigger crowd than I think Democrats would like to see, particularly given this is one of the bluest counties in the entire country!”

The pain in the CNN reporters face and voice admitting how big Trumps crowd was, is priceless:

The rally was a huge success and here are some of the highlights that CNN will not air for sure:

Hey, we don’t want to dump on CNN too much, because at least they covered Trump’s rally!

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