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Haters Gonna Hate But This Video Will Prove Them Wrong – Burly Steel Worker Cries Over Trump Bringing Jobs Back (Video)

The U.S. economy grew at the strongest pace in nearly four years during the first quarter, powered by a rebound in consumer spending, strong exports and firm business investment.

The annualized rate of gains in a gross domestic product was just shy of the 4.2 percent median forecast in a Bloomberg survey. It followed the first-quarter growth of 2.2 percent that was revised from 2 percent, the Commerce Department reported Friday. Consumer spending grew 4 percent, more than estimated, while nonresidential business investment climbed at a 7.3 percent clip.

It seems that the companies are returning to our country and the job numbers are growing!

This suppose to be good news right?

Well, guess again?

Liberals are trying to find ways to attack President Trump and they can’t even give him recognition for bringing jobs back into our country!

But let’s ask the people that really got huge help from President Trump and what does this mean for them!
Take a listen to this gentleman, who’s worked at the mill for four years.

When asked what he loved about being a steelworker, he responded, “Everything. It’s — I put it off way too long and it’s — now I realized it’s just my calling.”

When asked how much it meant to the community, the burly steelworker began to tear up.

He was then asked what he would take away from the president’s speech.

“Sounds like we’re going to be good to me,” he said amid tears. “It’s just nice to know that we’ve got someone fighting for us, you know, to keep our jobs. It was rough for a lot of us.”

Video below:

Let’s share this everywhere and remind them that President Trump have a sense for business and the economy is far better than Obama’s era when American people suffered so that illegals can use the benefits of our country!

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