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Trump Will Give State of the Union but When?

by: Daveda Gruber:

President Trump has answers for the power hungry House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi and he delivered his message the way he likes to – on Twitter

Trump says that he will deliver a “great” State of the Union address after the partial government shutdown is over.

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been criticized for blocking the president.

Late Wednesday Pelosi, in a letter, told Trump that the House would not approve a resolution allowing him to come to Capitol Hill until the government reopens.

This seems to be a case of who will cave in first.

Pelosi is standing firm in her decision but then, so is the president.

Trump tweeted:

It was rumored that Trump would use another venue for the SOTU but that would not require the address to be televised to the American people.

The SOTU is watched by most of the country and also most of the free world. Not only Republicans watch this event and it is a venue for the president to speak to all of the American people.

Pelosi replied to Trump’s tweets with this:

Pelosi had no intentions to give the American people a secure border with a barrier. She were ready to fly to Brussels, Afghanistan and Egypt with her Democratic cohorts during the shutdown until Trump cancelled the trip. Was she planning to negotiate in Afghanistan?

Trump had denied Pelosi use of a military aircraft for a CODEL (congressional delegation trip) to Afghanistan. He put the public’s attention on wasteful taxpayer-funded congressional travel.

What about the 800,000 workers not being paid, Madame Secretary? U.S. government workers in Afghanistan, who were among those not being paid, worked for two weeks to plan the trip that you never went on.

I tweeted to Pelosi on this matter:

This year’s State of the Union address had been scheduled for Jan. 29. It appears that the address will delivered but not on the original date that it was scheduled for.
Which side of this impasse are you on? Please comment below; I’d love to see where you stand on this issue.

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