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Video: Chicago Criminal Decided To Expand His Criminal Activities At A Florida Gas Station, His Robbery Attempt Gets Thwarted By The Lawful And Righteous Force Of The Second Amendment

A man casually carrying a shotgun and claiming to be from Chicago walked into a Florida convenience store during an attempted robbery but got a huge surprise when the clerk displayed his own weapon, authorities said.

Rakim Stephen Tate, 32, made a bad decision that “became a worse decision” when he walked into a convenience store on Sept. 9 with a visible shotgun to his side, the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office said Monday.

Unfortunately for Tate, the store clerk saw him arming himself before entering the store.

This allowed the clerk time to procure his own weapon as Tate entered.

According to the clerk, and surveillance footage, the would-be robber had a sudden change of heart.

Tate then began sputtering about his point of origin.

‘I don’t mean no harm, I’m just not from around here,’ he said.

‘I got a big (expletive) (expletive) gun, but I’m not from around here is what I’m saying. I’m from Chicago bro,’ he continued.

He then asked the clerk what kind of weapon he had on him. The clerk responds and Tate makes his exit from the store.
In the surveillance footage, Tate can be seen talking to the clerk, who is off-screen, before deciding to leave.
Video below:

Tate was arrested on September 15th.
Authorities ultimately recovered the Benelli shotgun Tate was using.

A statement from the Escambia County sheriff’s office describing the incident read, ‘He then fumbles for words, resorting to meaningless babble about being from Chicago.

‘Words seem to fail you when your felony attempt is thwarted by lawful and righteous force.’

The statement then mocked Tate’s unconvincing excuse for carrying a weapon. ‘You’re not in Chicago anymore; you’re under arrest,’ it read.

Apparently the phrase “I’m from Chicago, bro” isn’t as intimidating as this guy had hoped…

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