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Video: Illegals Caught By Border Security After They Were Unable To Scale The New Trump Border Wall

The Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling fully reversed a California district judge’s decision last month forbidding the president from redirecting the Congress-approved funds because the legislature hadn’t specifically authorized the money to be spent on Trump’s long-touted construction project “The Wall”.

President Trump declared a huge win and it seems that he was aright.

This is a huge win for all Americans.

In San Diego the Trump administration replaced an old dilapidated wall recently.

It works so well that illegal migrants can’s scale it and are heading back to Mexico.

Here’s video of illegals caught by border security after they were unable to scale the new Trump border wall.

The liberals say that Trump is not constructing the wall but a new video shows that more segments of the wall are being build:

Imagine if the border had been properly secured back in 1980. China wouldn’t even register as a fly landing on America’s arm. The sad thing is the politicians who facilitated the massive invasion have gotten away with it.

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