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Video: Jim Jordan Closed Down Rashida Tlaib In Heated Debate

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Today there was a heated exchange between progressive ‘Squad’ member Rashida Tlaib and Republican Congressman Jim Jordan at the House Oversight hearing.

It Seems that Jim Jordan was a clear winner in this situation.

The fight started when Rashida suggested that Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner should no longer have an expectation of privacy.

“They don’t have any privacy anymore,” Tlaib said, prompting Ranking Member Jordan to interject. Her comments came as the committee was discussing subpoenaing information related to Kushner’s and Trump’s use of private email to conduct official business.

“This subpoena is for personal emails, who their domestic help is … that’s ridiculous,” Jordan exclaimed. “That is completely off the table.”

Jordan also blasted Democrats on the committee, suggesting they were hypocritical for previously defending former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after she used a private email server.

“Did Ivanka Trump set up a server, exclusively at her home to conduct official business on?” Jordan asked, before mentioning Clinton. Clinton, he said, set up a private server for the “express purpose of evading the records law.”

“Ms. Trump had a few emails when she first started working at the White House and once she discovered what the law says, she gave those over and kept those records — plain and simple, every single one… I do remember you all defending Clinton when she had 60,000 emails on a private server and sent classified information and received classified information on that server,” he said.

Watch the video below:

So guessing Rep. Tlaib is ready to turn over her personal emails? By her own explanation, we deserve to see hers.

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