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Video: Mall of America Kicks Out Black Man For Wearing “Jesus Saves” Shirt – The Media Stays Silent

No one can dispute that America is currently undergoing a racial reckoning. Ever since the killing of George Floyd in the spring of 2020, a nationwide soul-searching over racism has seized hold of the collective imagination, with everyone from massive corporations to national media outlets leading the charge against America’s enduring—even rising—white supremacism.

But what if everyone is wrong? What if the media and the national conversation aren’t exposing racism so much as creating it, or at least, creating the impression that it is far more prevalent than we thought?

The BLM protest that burned our cities didn’t help our country to heal.

The latest example is that our media doesn’t care about race or religion that doesn’t fit their narrative is in the video that we received this morning and it comes from Ilhan Omar’s district in Minnesota.

Trespassing a man wearing a ” Jesus saves” shirt Saying that other shoppers reported it as offensive.

That’s the title of the email we received this morning and I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Video below:

Here is a more in-depth of mall of America security telling a man his shirt is offensive because “JESUS offends people”. This video shows the front & back of the shirt:

The Mall of America in Minneapolis is basically the state’s only attraction. Apparently though, if you wear a Jesus Saves shirt, you aren’t welcome in Minnesota’s Mall of America.

Triple Five Group owns this mall.

Let them know what’s on your mind.

I’m shocked at what I just saw.

I think all Christians should pick a day to put on Jesus shirts and walk in there.

There are no calls for religious prosecution or racism for this case because it doesn’t fit their fake narrative!

Mentions of racism in national news outlets have soared since 2015. And this media activity has coincided with a drop in the number of Americans who describe Black-white relations as good. From 2002 to 2013, 70 percent of Americans believed that race relations were good, a number that dropped to half after 2014.

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