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Video: Man Was Caught Walking In Front Of An Elementary With Only Boxers And A Shirt On With His Private Exposed – Receive Instant Justice

Convicted pedophiles have been living in city homeless shelters near elementary schools in a clear violation of state law — and bureaucrats in Albany and New York are frantically trying to duck the blame by pointing fingers at each other.

A frightening state Senate report that will be made public on Monday shocked officials into freezing the release of all parole-eligible perverts from prison until authorities can fix a system that allowed child predators to reside within 1,000 feet of schools.

The total number of degenerates living in close proximity to schools was not immediately clear.

State officials blamed the city, and local authorities were quick to return the favor.

But while officials are arguing who is to take the blame a pedophile who was walking around an elementary school with only a shirt and boxers with his private exposed was served instant justice from a brave man, who used his belt to teach this “man” a life lesson!

Video below:

Let’s hope that this could stop the pervert from harassing children in the future!

Schools are one of the most vulnerable places for kids when it comes to sexual predators!

The Department of Education estimates that 4.5 million students, or about 10 percent, experience sexual misconduct at the hands of a school employee sometime between kindergarten and 12th grade.

According to the most recent data from a nationwide survey of 8th- to 11th-grade students asking about incidents of unwanted sexual attention at school, nearly 7 percent, or about 3.5 million students, report having physical sexual contact from an adult, most commonly a teacher or coach, in their school (Shakeshaft, 2004). These students describe unwanted touching on breasts, buttocks, and genitals; forced kissing and hugging; oral/genital contact; and vaginal and anal intercourse. Reports of educator misconduct that doesn’t include touching a student, but rather sharing pornography, sexual talk, sexual exhibitionism, or masturbation raised the proportion to about 10%, or nearly 4.5 million students (Shakeshaft, 2004).