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Video: Putin’s Hometown Protesting His War Against Ukraine – He Sends Police Charging At Them

Russian police have on Thursday made several arrests in Moscow’s Pushkin Square, where Russians have come to protest the ongoing invasion of Ukraine, according to witnesses in Moscow.

Footage of protests in the city of St. Petersburg which is Putin’s birthplace also surfaced on social media on Thursday.

An unspecified number of Russian citizens were detained by police after demonstrating with posters reading “No to War!” and other anti-Putin messages at Pushkin Square, which has been closed off by police.

Video below:

People held signs and chanted “No to war” in the Urals city of Yekaterinburg, the Siberian city of Novosibirsk and the Russian capital Moscow.

Thomas van Linge, who has been reporting on incidents surrounding the invasion of Ukraine, tweeted footage of what he said was a rally in the city of Tyumen in which he said that “police are busy arresting everyone before it takes off.”

Independent news outlet Meduza reported that anti-war solo picketers were also popping up in cities across Russia.

Meanwhile, rallies took place across the world to protest President Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

A rally organized by the London Euromaidan group was held in the British capital while protests were also held in cities including Berlin, Barcelona, The Hague in the Netherlands, Warsaw among others.

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