Home Politics Video: Rep. Jim Jordan blasts Mueller for dodging questions

Video: Rep. Jim Jordan blasts Mueller for dodging questions

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Prominent Democrats and members of left-wing media melted down on Wednesday in response to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s bumbling hearing in front of the House Judiciary Committee.

As the hearing unfolded, numerous critics across the political spectrum criticized Mueller’s seemingly dull mental dexterity and his inability to defend his work.

It seems that Mueller hearing made President Trump a big favor.

One moment in particular was very interesting.

Rep. Jim Jordan put Robert Mueller into an awkward situation.

He pressed former Special Counsel Robert Mueller on the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion investigation. Jordan said that maybe a better course of action is to figure out how the false accusations started.

Watch the video below:

Muller is a tool for the corrupt demon Democrats. This is why they only went after people who were connected to President Trump and Trump himself. Instead of the real criminals who were behind this attack.

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