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Video: Reporter Asks Fetterman, “Why Did He Decide To Appear With Biden Now,” While POTUS Was Standing Next To Him – His Reaction Speaks Volumes

Joe Biden on Thursday traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to deliver remarks on his admin’s plan to fix the nation’s infrastructure.

Biden was greeted by Democrat US Senate candidate John Fetterman and his handler/wife Gisele Fetterman.

Stroke victim John Fetterman and Dementia Joe together is quite the duo.

As expected, the Fetterman/Biden event was a dumpster fire.

Biden couldn’t even read his teleprompter.

Video below:

Then he got lost after his remarks.

Video below:

Ugh, the band really does make it that much worse. It’s like a circus.

Imagine being Xi, Putin, Khamenei, or Lil’ Kimmy. Imagine sitting in your villain’s lair late at night and watching Joe meander around. Imagine realizing that this man is in charge of the only military that stands in the way of your dreams for world domination.

Later a reporter decided to ask the question: “Mr. Fetterman, why did you decide to appear with Biden now?”
Fetterman’s reaction speaks volumes as he *literally leaves the building*

Video below:

Even candidates with cognitive issues like Biden want to run away from him!

They’re (Biden/Fetterman) the reason so many want to vote these bums out, it’s also a reckoning after the 2020 election sham. So, I am not sure what the Handlers are thinking by putting Biden out there, front and center. Especially in PA, for a candidate, who also has major cognitive issues. It’s like the blind leading the blind. But I don’t think they have a choice. Joe Biden doesn’t realize what a bungling buffoon he is. He thinks he’s amazing and the savior — that’s the delusional narcissist in him.

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