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Video Shows The Moment When Title 10 Soldier From Missouri Opens The Gate To Let Huge Horde Of Illegals Aliens Onto PRIVATE Texas Property

If anyone is watching any of the live streamers out there at numerous spots along the border, the NG from all over the country that is at the southern border are all opening the gates for the illegals coming in, even the Texas National Guard, they have been since the end of Title 42 it’s all on videos folks!

Now we have a video from Title 10 soldiers who are under federal order from the Biden administration and who deliberately open the door for illegals to enter our country!
The video, showed a large group crossing from the Mexico side of the border into the U.S. as a large white bus appeared to wait for them.

The one-minute clip showed the female Army officer standing by as the horde shuffled onto private property Monday morning.
Video below:

Our source on the border asked the Texas National Guard if this is one of their soldiers who opens the gate for the group of migrants. They told him that she is NOT a TX soldier & is not TX ARNG. She is a Title 10 soldier from the Missouri ARNG under orders from the federal gov & working

If they’re(the national guard) under Title 10 orders. That means they have been called into federal service.

The video comes just hours after Biden cheered a drop in border crossings since the end of Title 42 with a swipe at the media.

When asked by reporters about how he believes things were proceeding after Title 42 expired, Biden responded: ‘Much better than you all expected,’ with a chuckle.